Awions among the technologies chosen by the Veneto region for the SAFE PLACE project

Awions fra le tecnologie scelte dalla regione veneto per il progetto SAFE PLACE

POR FESR 2014-2020 – Action 1.1.4 “Support for collaborative R&D activities for the development of new products and services (DGR Veneto n. 822/2020)

PROJECT TITLE: «SAFE PLACE. IoT systems for healthy and safe living environments “

Project presented by the ICT For Smart And Sustainable Living Consortium

The SAFE PLACE project studies and implements sanitizing systems for air, surfaces, objects to be applied in indoor environments in order to create healthy and safe living and working spaces.

Alfa Water srl è partner del progetto «SAFE PLACE. Sistemi IoT per ambienti di vita salubri e sicuri» co-finanziato dalla Regione Veneto nell’ambito del POR 2014-2020 Azione 1.1.4 (DGR 822/2020) finalizzato a migliorare la funzionalità, l’usabilità e l’accessibilità di tutte le classi di dispositivi conosciute per contrastare l’emergenza COVID-19 e consentire la loro integrazione in sistemi basati su IoT, realizzando così soluzioni modulari in grado di combinare in modo sinergico e flessibile diverse tecnologie in base alle specifiche esigenze di vari casi d’uso.
Durata: 10.09.2020 – 30.12.2022.
Budget: 2.999.480€. Contributo totale ammesso: 1.973.033,26 €
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Alfa Water participates in SAFEPLACE to develop stand alone ion generating systems through cold plasma technology, ANTI COVID tested for sanitizing indoor air, objects and surfaces in closed living and working environments. The devices are equipped with special functionalized filters that amplify the sanitizing capacity and with specific sensors with regulation systems according to the given parameters.

Thanks to the innovative cold plasma technology, the systems can also be used in the presence of people, in complete safety thus ensuring a permanent sanitizing action.

In addition, the devices can be integrated into lighting equipment / systems – including UVC – in order to optimize the activity of air sanitization and surface / object sanitization.

The system developed by Alfawater by Awions is subjected to scientific validation in terms of efficacy and safety by qualified university laboratories, therefore it will be tested in real situations characterized by particular criticalities.

The wholesomeness of the air and the sanitization of spaces and objects of daily life, work and school is a matter of absolute priority in situations such as the emergency caused by COVID – 19. Particular attention is focused on indoor spaces where we have the utmost danger of these pandemic situations.

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