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Based on statistical reports we spend 80% of our time in closed indoor spaces - at home or at work.

It is in these premises we inhale the toxic substances that enter from the outside (smog) or that get released from the objects located inside the room: furniture, surface coatings, mold, plaster, stoves, electric appliances.

People themselves release a wide variety of bacteria and other microbes into the air. Controlling the spread and growth of the indoor pollutants (in our home, office, shop or gym) is the best way to prevent the occurrence of “sick building  yndrome” symptoms such as respiratory tract diseases, allergies, and to protect our immune system.

Using cutting-edge cold plasma AWIONS technology provides an opportunity to live in safer indoor environment and breath pure air even in enclosed spaces.

AWIONS is a system developed to purify and sanitize the indoor air we breathe and guard our health against environmental pollution. The innovative technology is CE certified. This series of professional products is also available for installation in private apartments, offices or business premises. The products are specifically dimensioned to treat the air composition of different sized rooms on order to eliminate the bacteria, mold, allergens and bad odors floating in the air.