Social-health indoor premises / Beauty-care centers

The following indoor spaces are highly frequented by clients/patients: gyms, swimming pools, schools, SPAs, hairdressers, medical practices, shops, shopping malls, dentists, guest houses, hospitals and recreational and meeting places.

In these places attention to hygienic conditions is fundamental and the need to prevent the spread of infections is constant.

The risk of spread of infection is especially high in these indoor spaces due to the presence of various microbes such as bacteria, mold,(yeast spores), fungi and viruses. These are carried around by dust particles and tiny water drops (aerosol) in the air. Humans can be infected by these microbes either by inhaling them or by coming into contact with those attached to objects or surfaces. Nowadays, indoor air pollution is one of the biggest health threats. The impact of the risk depends upon the type of contaminants generated inside the buildings, as well as, upon the indoor activities carried out.

AWIONS is the best choice for protecting human health through reducing and preventing indoor air contamination. Using the cold plasma technology, AWIONS generates the same type of positive and negative ions, that are normally generated in nature with the same purification effect as the ions created in the natural outdoors.

These ions reduce airborne pathogens, reduce dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOC), bad odors and toxic emissions. The final result is significant improvement of the air’s healthful quality. The AWIONS products can be placed in the rooms as STAND-ALONE units or installed in the air conditioning