Awions air treatment
Systems for air sanitization and indoor air sterilization



The quality of the air we breathe is fundamental to keep us in good health.

We have developed several technologies for:

Sanitization – Bipolar Ion Systems

Continuously purify the air in premises where the presence of people is constant, without compromising the safety for both people and animals. The air purification systems generate positively and negatively charged ions that restore the quality and freshness of the indoor air, making it as healthy and clean as the air we breath when hiking in the mountains or strolling on the seaside - pure air, free of mold, bacteria and viruses.

Sterilization – Ozone Systems

Thoroughly sterilise and disinfect environments, that have to be temporarily evacuated during the treatment. These systems use Ozone Generators.


Alfa Water Srl was founded in the heart of the Dolomites, the UNESCO World Heritage Site. We create water treatment solutions and have rich experience in designing and manufacturing manual, self-cleaning and automatic filters.
We are engineers, technicians and artisans: people who care about the future and want to safeguard it through managing water properly.
Alfa Water Srl is expert in designing, manufacturing and testing the filters in Italy according to the highest standards and internal control procedures.

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