Industry&Tertiary / Food Industry

The purification and sanitation capability of the AWIONS products provides a perfect solution for companies that aim to raise the air-quality, reduce the energy waste and inefficiencies related to environmental contamination.

For example, the food industry suffers substantial recurring losses caused by microbial proliferation and contamination. Health and hygiene regulations require that a series of operations be implemented in order to guarantee the food quality and safety. Still the efficacy of these operations varies greatly depending on human technique and other factors.

In contrast, AWIONS carries out a constant preventive action against the microorganisms, thus reducing the risks of operational inefficiency and/or inadequate maintenance of the equipment. This function benefits the overall product quality.

The work setting contains many risk factors including those related to the environmental air risk factors.

These factor can seriously adversely impact the workers’ health. Sick Building Syndrome [1,2] and reported “social impact” related to the air pollution, includes not only the costs of disease treatment but also the economic cost of the drop in productivity and the decrease of the overall product quality caused by poor air quality.

Certain preventive steps should be taken in order to abate the chemical and biological causes/sources of indoor pollution (e.g. pathogen agents, VOC, cleaning products, glues, solvents, output from equipment /machinery ).

AWIONS is the best solution for the abatement of the indoor pollutants. AWIONS uses cold plasma technology that eliminates the pollutants floating in the air of the closed rooms, the same way as the naturally generated ions do in nature. More so, AWIONS can generate the massive quantity of ions indoor as nature creates at the seaside, in high-mountains, close to the waterfalls, etc.).

The AWIONS products can be placed in the a room as STAND-ALONE units or installed in the air conditioning duct (DUCT systems).